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KMS7800-01.jpg Production Stop
Production-Ready Stop Create a production-ready stop for your miter saw...
€34.50 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMS7800
KMS7101.jpg Precision Miter Gauge System
Adjustable Cutting Accuracy with Simplicity and Durability Why spend your...
€142.79 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMS7101
promo3.jpg Kreg® Accu-Cut XL, Square Cut & MultiMark Set - PROMO
Make Cutting and Measuring easy! KREG® Square-Cut The Square-Cut™ allows you...
€214.19 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMA3700-promo-19
KMS7303-01.jpg Miter-Gauge Bar
Miter-Gauge Bar with a Precise Fit If you're building jigs and fixtures for...
€35.69 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMS7303
KMS7712-01.jpg Top-Trak Profile
Can be easily installed on shop-made fence This Trak features a...
€34.50 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMS7712
KMS7448-04.jpg Combo-Trak Profile
Great for creating a custom router table Building your own router table? This...
€59.49 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMS7448
KMA4700-02.jpg Kreg Straight Edge Guide XL 244 mm (8 ft.)
Make perfectly straight cuts up to 244 mm (8 feet) in sheet goods with guided...
€118.99 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMA4700
KMA4500-02.jpg Straight Edge Guide
Make perfectly straight cuts up to 1250 mm in sheet goods with guided cutting...
€59.49 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMA4500
KMS7215-01.jpg Precision Micro Adjuster
Dial-in precise adjustments to your Kreg® Precision Band Saw Fence – down to...
€29.74 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMS7215
KMA3700-01.jpg KREG® Accu-Cut XL
Straight, accurate, splinter-free cuts made easy Set your projects up for...
€214.19 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMA3700
KMA4600-02.jpg Straight Edge Guide Extension
Expand the cutting capacity of your Straight Edge Guide Add extra 61 mm (2')...
€29.74 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMA4600
KMA2750-01.jpg Accu-Cut™ Expansion Pack
Get more from your Accu-Cut™ with an Accu-Cut™ Expansion Pack with...
€118.99 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMA2750
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