Deck Jig™

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Create a better, more beautiful deck Create a better, more-beautiful deck with the Kreg®... more
Product information "Deck Jig™"

Create a better, more beautiful deck

Create a better, more-beautiful deck with the Kreg® Deck Jig™. This concealed-fastening system works together with Kreg Deck Screws to allow you to install decking without visible fasteners, so all you see is the beauty of your decking instead of a bunch of screws. The Deck Jig features hardened-steel guides to drill precisely positioned pilot holes, and to guide Deck Screws to attach decking from the edge solidly and invisibly—whether you’re using solid-wood or composite deck boards.

The Deck Jig makes drilling the stepped pilot holes and driving screws easy in all situations thanks to three hardened-steel guides—one at 90° to the board edge, and two at opposing 45° angles—that allow easy access when working near walls, as well as when creating strong joints where boards butt together end to end. The stepped drill bit creates a perfectly positioned pocket hole and clearance hole for the Kreg Deck Screw, while a stop collar ensures prefect drilling depth.

After drilling, just drop a Kreg Deck Screw—an integral part of this concealed-fastening system—into the same guide, and then drive it with the included square-drive driver bit. It’s equipped with a stop collar, too, to ensure that the self-tapping, case-hardened screw gets driven to the perfect depth. The aggressive threads bite securely into the joist, while the smooth upper shank and flat-bottom head work together to pull the deck board tightly in to place.

The Deck Jig Concealed-Fastener System works with composite decking, as well as solid-wood decking such as cedar, hardwoods, and pressure-treated wood—kiln-dried after treatment (KDAT) recommended.


Technical Specifications

  • Construction durable polymer

  • Capacity 25mm - 38mm thick decking material

  • Compatible Kreg Deck Jig Drill Bit, Deck Jig Driver Bit, Deck Screws


  • (1) Deck Jig

  • (1) Deck Jig Drill Bit

  • (1) Deck Jig Driver Bit

  • (2) Stop Collars

  • (1) Hex Wrench

  • (3) 6mm Spacer Rings

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