Precision Router Lift RL2.0K

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The Precision Router Lift RL2.0K from Kreg is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a... more
Product information "Precision Router Lift RL2.0K"

The Precision Router Lift RL2.0K from Kreg is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-quality and reliable router lift. Thanks to its high-quality aluminum and steel construction, you can count on a long service life and low maintenance. The RL2.0K is extremely precise thanks to its fine height adjustment down to 1/10 mm. The scale on the reduction plates is precise and the spindle lock ensures easy operation. The reducing plates give you more choice and control when selecting the right hole size for your workpieces. Magnetism on the reducer plates is distributed throughout the plate, allowing additional accessories to be securely attached. An additional recessed handle allows you to easily replace the reducing plates. All in all, the Kreg Precision Milling Lift RL2.0K offers numerous advantages that make it an indispensable tool for every craftsman.


  • Quality made in Germany: construction made of high-quality aluminium and steel.
  • Height fine adjustment to 1/10mm: extremely precise adjustment, with exact scaling and effective spindle lock, easily operated via hexagon socket screw.
  • Smooth-running spindle columns: allow for continuous and exact fine height adjustment.
  • Routing without rip fence: 2 drill holes for the rip fence pin enable free routing of e.g. round workpieces without rip fence.
  • Easy mounting: mount the router to the RL2.0K using pre-drilled mounting holes (hole pattern in operating instructions).
  • Absolutely flat: easy levelling of the RL2.0K by means of levelling screws in the insert plate.
  • Laser scaling: millimeter scale on the surface for exact alignment of the rip fence.
  • No need to drill your own holes: mounting holes (countersunk head) for quick router table installation are already pre-drilled.

Special feature of the 2nd generation:

  • The magnetic reduction plates offer more choice and control in choosing the right hole size. Perfectly adapted to the size of the router cutter - especially for small workpieces, "getting stuck and stuck" at the edge of the hole is eliminated.
  • Magnets for attaching additional accessories are distributed over the entire reduction plate.
  • Additional recessed grip for easy changing of the reduction plates.

Compatible Routers

  • Bosch: POF1200AE, POF1300, POF1400ACE , GOF1250CE/LCE, GMF1600CE, GOF1600CE
  • Casals: CT2200VCE
  • CMT: CMT7E
  • DeWalt: DW615, DW621, DW622, DW624, DW625, DWE627KT-QS
  • Elu: MOF96(E), MOF97(E), MOF131, MOF177(E), MOF 177/02 Type 2
  • Festool: OF1400
  • Freud: FT2000 (Diabolo), FT2200VCE
  • Mafell: LO 65 EC
  • Makita: RP1110
  • Perles: OF3-808(RE), OF9(E)
  • Trend: T5, T10, T11
  • Würth: OF1100E
  • Exceptions: ELU MOF 96/02 (no tapped holes available), Festool OF2000, OF2200 and DeWalt DW626 (these are too large in the entire circumference and cannot be fitted into the lift construction).

Technical Data

  • Dimension insert plate: 298 x 235 x 9 mm
  • Corner radius of insert plate: 19 mm
  • Distance from the top edge of the inlay plate to the base plate of the mounted router: 15 mm (loss of routing depth)
  • Height adjustment travel/rotation: 4 mm
  • Height router lift (max. extended): 240mm
  • Max. cutter diameter: 86 mm
  • Max. adjustment travel: 105 mm
  • Weight: 4,5 kg

Scope of Delivery

  • 1x router lift RL2.0
  • 2x reduction plates Ø 32 and 68 mm
  • 1x hexagon screwdriver 5x150 mm
  • 4x fixing screws M6x50, washers and nuts
  • 18x mounting screws (various sizes)
  • 8x levelling screws M5x8
  • 1x instruction manual (german & english)
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