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KMS7728.jpg Measuring Tape 3500RL
This 3.5-meter tape has a self-adhesive backing and fits exactly into the...
€15.46 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMS7728
KMS7728.jpg Measuring Tape 3500LR
This 3.5-meter left-to-right reading metric tape features a self-adhesive...
€15.46 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMS7729
KFS-PUCKS-03.jpg Kreg® Multipurpose Project Blocks
Kreg ® Multipurpose Project Blocks are the perfect way to support, hold, and...
€26.17 *
Artikel-Nr.: KFS-PUCK
KMA3000-01.jpg Panel Carrier
Safely carry full size panels alone with the Kreg Panel Carrier. It makes the...
€32.12 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMA3000
KMS7714-01.jpg Top-Trak XL Profile
The Top-Trak XL is a self-aligning 1219 mm L-shaped profile for easy...
€60.08 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMS7714
KWS1000-34.jpg Mobile Project Center
Mobile and multifunctional workbench from Kreg The multifunctional workbench...
€297.49 *
Artikel-Nr.: KWS1000-INT
KWS500-13.jpg Track Horse
The "little" brother of the multifunctional KWS1000 workbench from Kreg...
€178.49 *
Artikel-Nr.: KWS500
KMS7509-01.jpg Mini-Trak Profile
Great for creating taper jigs and cut-off sleds The Mini Trak can be used to...
€51.96 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMS7509
KMS7303-01.jpg Miter-Gauge Bar
Miter-Gauge Bar with a Precise Fit If you're building jigs and fixtures for...
€41.64 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMS7303
KMS7712-01.jpg Top-Trak Profile
Can be easily installed on shop-made fence This Trak features a...
€39.26 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMS7712
KMS7448-04.jpg Combo-Trak Profile
Great for creating a custom router table Building your own router table? This...
€69.01 *
Artikel-Nr.: KMS7448
KRS1035-01.jpg Multi-purpose shop stand
Adjustable, Customizable & Built-To-Last This durable, good-looking stand is...
€228.47 *
Artikel-Nr.: KRS1035
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